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In real life, Fin is a nobody.

But in the Motherboard, she is a Dansu master and programming prodigy, recently recruited by mysterious hacktivists who call themselves, The Army.

While on assignment, hidden away in the basement of an off-season luxury hotel with a high-speed Motherboard connection, she stumbles upon the backdoor to a hidden VR network called Lilianna…And the die-hard hacker within her can’t let it go unexplored.

Can she gain unauthorized access and uncover the classified data she was hired to find? Or is it all a trap?

Motherboard: The Prequel is coming soon!

No one thought human beings would be forced to farm their own in order to survive nuclear war. But in 2030, the CIA set out to do just that. For 60 years, this genetically perfect race has been immune to all disease...until one day, a plague rips through their community, and suddenly they are not.

Desperate to protect their elite, the government will stop at nothing to find a cure. But they didn’t count on Winnie, a seemingly common teenage girl, who isn’t very common at all: she’s telepathic, extremely fast, and incredibly strong.

They arrested Winnie. They arrested Winnie’s mother. Now she is determined to stop the government and liberate her people. Even if it means losing everything she loves.

Available exclusively on Amazon

The Cured - Red Circle - Treat Yourself.
Image by Lauren Kashuk

I've collaborated with VoiceMap to create five (and counting) fictional, self-guided audio tours in the following cities: Chicago, L.A., New Orleans, New York, and Tucson.

What is a self-guided tour, you ask? Well, it's like a guided tour, but without the guide. Simply download the app, select the tour of your choice (they are organized by city), and as soon as you arrive at the tour's starting point, press play!

Oh! And the app uses GPS triggered tech that allows you to download tours and then listen offline. How awesome is that?

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