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Legally Scam Uncle Sam by Dennis Hamsher

How to Legally Scam Uncle Sam

“If you ever thought you had a great idea for a book but didn’t know how to go about it, I believe I have a solution for you. Lisa Caskey will help you take your project from idea to a finished book you will be proud of. She not only makes it easy for you, she listens to what you are saying, and takes your ideas and refines them into a concise form, making you an accomplished writer.  Still, your ideas, just presented in a readable form for your readers.  I can’t think of a better individual to help you accomplish your dream of being a published author!  Highly recommended!"

Dennis J Hamsher, AAdvantage Insurance

How to Legally Scam Uncle Sam: About Me

Is the Idea of the Original America Dead?

America has become tarnished. Not because of our founding principles, but because of our government's large size and misdirection. This has not happened overnight, but slowly over the years. 

The original concept of America is dead. The government is no longer a servant of the people but just the opposite. Do government officials fear the people they represent at the voting box? On the other hand, do the people fear their government?

Your personal wealth, freedom, and even your life could be under the control of the government. That’s why the old financial pyramid isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need something new (and completely legal) to protect your financial future…and you’ll find it right here in this book.

Inside, you will learn:

  • The 4 biggest risks to your wealth and retirement

  • 3 NEW tax ideas (and why you aren’t going to like any of them)

  • How many Americans have nothing saved for retirement

  • Why our currency switched from gold-backed to fiat…and why that matters

  •  The truth about inflation and how it’s measured

  • Why it takes so long to recover from market losses

  • PLUS: The secret formula to build a New Financial Pyramid (How to Legally Scam Uncle Sam)

In the eyes of the government, have we become like cattle? Destined to be milked for more and more tax money our whole lives? And regardless of who is in the White House or which party is in power, it's not going to get better…

That’s why it’s important to take control of your financial future.

It’s time to learn how to Legally Scam Uncle Sam.

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